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Meyer's pal, Vincent 'Jimmy Blue Eyes' Alo

Jimmy Blue Eyes AloVincent "Jimmy Blue Eyes" Alo was a key figure in the post-Prohibition Genovese Crime Family and a liaison between the Sicilian-Italian Mafia and the organization of Meyer Lansky. His career was the inspiration for a number of fictional underworld characters, most notably "Johnny Ola" of The Godfather Part II movie. Alo was born in 1904 in East Harlem to Salvatore and Giulia (or Julia) Scalzo Alo, immigrants from Cosenza, Italy. Salvatore worked as a tailor in a clothing factory. Vincent Alo had an older sister, Elizabeth, and two younger brothers, Frank and Joseph. (Two other sisters show up in census records for 1905 and 1910, but they are missing from later censuses, suggesting they did not live long into childhood.) In the early 1910s, the Alo family moved to Hoffman Street near Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Alo left school and went to work as a clerk for a Wall Street company after just a single year of high school. Reportedly frustrated by the clerical work, in the early 1920s Alo began participating in robberies...

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'Memoirs of a Murder Man' by Arthur A. Carey

Arthur CareyA short chapter from "Memoirs of a Murder Man" by Arthur A. Carey of the NYPD is presented here as a different-than-usual perspective on the Giuseppe Morello Mafia and the 1903 Barrel Murder. Cary's account differs noticeably from one provided earlier by William Flynn of the Secret Service (also available on this website). Arthur A. Carey was a second-generation police officer who served for almost forty years on the New York Police Department and led the department's Homicide Bureau for eighteen years. He was born on Staten Island and joined the force on March 1, 1889. He learned his craft under Chief Inspector Thomas Byrnes and Captain George W. McClusky. He was made a detective in 1892. A few years later, he took a bride, Lucy. They eventually had seven children together. Around the turn-of-the-century, Arthur's police work focused almost exclusively on homicide cases. He participated in the investigation of the 1903 Barrel Murder case and in the related arrest of the dangerous Tomasso "the Ox" Petto...

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A Brief Biography of Salvatore "Lucky Luciano" Lucania

Charlie Luciano "Salvatore "Charlie Lucky" Lucania is probably the most talked about New York Mafia boss. He is the subject of numerous legends, many of them false, while his actual underworld career remains largely unknown. He was a pivotal figure in the Castellammarese War of 1930-31, benefited greatly from the assassinations of two who occupied the position of Mafia boss of bosses and participated in the dismantling of the boss of bosses system and the creation of a Commission system for resolving underworld disputes. Lucania was the third child born to Antonino and Rosalia Lucania in the Sicilian sulfur-mining community of Lercara Friddi. The family grew to include five children before its migration to America. Lucania, his mother and two of his siblings, reached New York in 1907, joining his father in an apartment in Manhattan's East Village..."

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Sinistro: The Underworld Career of Giuseppe Morello

Giuseppe Morello "Giuseppe Morello was the first known boss of bosses of the American Mafia. While he was a unifying force initially, he later became a central figure in underworld conflicts and was an early casualty of the Castellammarese War. Morello was born on May 2, 1867, to Calogero and Angela Piazza Morello in Corleone, Sicily. A sister, Maria, was born several years later. Calogero Morello died in the early 1870s, and Angela subsequently married Bernardo Terranova. The couple had three sons, Vincent, Ciro and Nicholas 'Coco,' and three daughters, Lucia, Salvatrice 'Dora,' and Rosalia. A birth defect left Morello with a badly disfigured right hand. The only identifiable digit on that hand was the fourth finger, the rest were curled together into a small knot. The affliction may have provoked fear among superstitious observers in an Italian culture that equated left-handedness with evil..."

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DiCarlo: Buffalo's First Family of Crime

DiCarlo book"A historical biography of Mafioso Joseph DiCarlo, once known as "the Al Capone of Buffalo" and as western New York's "Public Enemy No. 1." Son of the region's first known Sicilian underworld boss, DiCarlo was rejected as heir to his father's criminal empire. After spending troubled years as a vassal of the influential Stefano Magaddino, DiCarlo and his underlings wandered, seeking their fortunes in Youngstown, Ohio, and Miami Beach, Florida, before returning home to witness the disintegration of the western New York Mafia. The authors utilize DiCarlo's colorful and violent life story as a window into the history of the powerful Magaddino Crime Family, while chronicling the significant parallels between the man and the criminal organization."

Second Edition:

Deep Water: Joseph P. Macheca and the Birth of the American Mafia

Deep Water 2edSet in the Gilded Age of New Orleans, this historical biography conveys J.P. Macheca's epic life story, as it sets the record straight on the 1890 assassination of Police Chief David Hennessy and the 1891 Crescent City lynchings. A longtime street warrior for the corrupt and ruthless New Orleans Democratic machine, Macheca was also the patron of the fledgling American Mafia in southern Louisiana. His underworld connections brought him into conflict with Hennessy and ultimately cost him his life in the largest lynching in American history.

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